Rehage Landscaping, LLC

Rehage Landscaping provides professional landscaping and lawn maintenance services for residential and commercial properties thorough the Greater Cincinnati Area. We specialize in all areas of landscaping design and installation.


Lawn, Landscaping and everything else


All of our firewood is genuine 100% natural hardwoods cut direct from the forest. We don’t use junk logs or scrap wood that landscapers or arborists drop off. We guarantee quality and low water content for all our firewood. 

All of our wood is cut to 16″ lengths so that it’s easy to handle, fits well into all types of wood-burners or fireplaces and burns hot and long. WWe carefully check each piece of our wood just before and as it’s delivered or stacked at your home to insure that all the small bits and pieces are removed. 

Our wood is stored in a protected environment so that we can be sure your load is clean, dry and ready to burn. 

We don’t load our trucks in bulk… days in advance of your order. We take the time to load each of our customer’s orders just minutes before it leaves our warehouse on its way to your house.